Digital Health
Digital Health

Digital Health

Improving healthcare is one of the biggest priority areas for all countries across the world including India. Improving healthcare has many dimensions – increasing healthcare professionals, enhancing healthcare infrastructure, improving healthcare quality, and leveraging healthcare data and technology (Digital Health) to improve healthcare.

It is globally recognized that availability of high-quality actionable information at the point of care and clinical decision support (including analytics, AI/ML) to healthcare professionals is having a profound impact on the quality of care and efficiency of healthcare delivery. Consequently, there is substantial focus worldwide on enhancing Digital Health and informatics – resulting in massive investments and innovation at an unprecedently scale.

In 2020, India announced the launch of National Digital Health Mission (NDHM). NDHM aims provide every Indian with a Digital Health ID and create pan-India Doctor Directory - to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of health service delivery, allow patients to securely store and share their medical records, and ensure compliance to healthcare guidelines and protocols.

How we work in Digital Health

Digital Health and Informatics needs cross functional expertise – computer science, bio informatics, statistics, AI/ machine learning, medical science. Consequently, Digital Health needs close collaboration across Engineering schools and healthcare organizations – hospitals, medical schools and healthcare research organizations.

Koita Foundation is partnering with IIT Bombay and leading healthcare organizations to create a Digital Health network which promotes academic collaboration (incl. joint courses, degrees) and research collaborations (incl. joint programs, data sharing) – across the ecosystem.

As part of our Digital Health Network plans, Koita Foundation will support and sponsor:

  • Formation of Koita Centre for Digital Health at IIT Bombay
  • Creation of Digital Health hubs at leading hospitals and healthcare organizations
  • R&D in Digital Health across the network

Koita Centre for Digital Health
at IIT Bombay

Koita Foundation is proud to partner with Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay), India’s #1 technical and research university, to establish the Koita Centre for Digital Health (KCDH). KCDH will offer academic, research and industry programs in Digital Health.

KCDH’s academic and research focus areas include clinical applications (including electronic patient records and medical imaging), healthcare data management (including healthcare data privacy and security), healthcare analytics, healthcare AI /ML, consumer health, public health and public policy. KCDH will offer minor, dual degree, Masters and PhD programs in Healthcare Informatics. KCDH will conduct industry / outreach programs for healthcare and industry professionals in digital health and enable them to act as force-multipliers.

KCDH has just launched an interdisciplinary dual degree program as well as a minor program in healthcare informatics – bringing together expertise from computer science, bioinformatics, statistics, AI/ML and medical science.

KCDH is establishing a world-class advisory board consisting of experienced healthcare professionals, academics, healthcare technology and industry veterans. The advisory board will provide overall vision and guidance to KCDH.

Koita Foundation has made an initial contribution to help establish the Centre. In addition, Koita Foundation is helping KCDH establish Digital Health partnership with leading healthcare organizations for academic and research collaboration. KF will also help KCDH engage with healthcare technology companies on joint research and internship programs.

Please click here to read the press release for KCDH