Antarang Foundation

Antarang Foundation

Antarang Foundation envisions a world where every young person is passionately, productively and positively engaged in a career of their choice. Through two career focused programs, CareerAware and CareeReady, the foundation works to bridge the Employability gap that exists amongst disadvantaged youth. The programs deliver career guidance, develop core employability skills, and finally link students with career opportunities.

Antarang Foundation has reached 8,400+ young adults from 14-25 years of age through their CareeReady and CareerAware programs, of which more than 2,500 students are trained in employability skills and linked to career opportunities. Anatarang has close to 30 career service centers and has partnered with more than 150 corporate organisations.

Key business / technology needs:

  • Manual paper-based data collection process (including manual report creation)
  • Career recommendations for students done by couple of senior team members - not scalable
  • Limited capability to track adolescents who participate in the Career Ready program i.e., tracking their journey from the program through placement, mentoring and alumni engagement

How we have helped

  • Developed a tablet-based application to track performance and progress of students in the CareerAware program - resulting in significant enhancement in managing programs
  • Established a Salesforce-based platform for student career planning enabling Anatarang to scale from 3,000 students to 30,000 students
  • Developed a heuristic-based system to support career recommendations based on aptitude and interests of students
  • Established overall MIS / reporting and incentives mechanism for high performance staff
  • Developing a Salesforce based platform for managing and tracking placement of students
  • New technological advancements are entering the digital world every single day- it all comes down to pinpointing which technology is the most applicable based on your requirements. In Antarang's journey towards enabling young adults to successfully transition into employment we asked ourselves how can we leverage technology to best meet the needs of our students?

    With the plethora of options available within tech and as a not for profit with limited experience with tech solutions we were unsure of the best way forward for us to ensure we have lean systems that help us do what we do. This was when we met Rekha and Rizwan Koita who worked with our teams to realign our current processes to leverage tech to achieve scale while maintaining our program quality. This partnership has enabled us to begin our transition from Google sheets which led to mismanaged data to truly becoming systems orientated and data driven with all our work.

    Having an informed voice at the table really helped us map our technological needs as an organisation and enabled us to begin building our systems with a holistic and future forward view. What made the engagement even more valuable was their immediate offer to not only connect us to good service providers to action our needs, help build road maps to track our progress and stay involved to ensure completion and implementation. Today, Antarang is on the way to make real time data driven decisions that sharpen our impact thanks to the timely and relevant introduction of technology in our day to day functioning.

    Ms. Priya Agrawal

    Founder Director