FMCH works on maternal health and malnutrition. Their vision is a world of healthy mothers and thriving children – where poor nutrition does not come in the way of mothers and children reaching their full potential.
They understand that malnutrition is a complex issue, thus take a systems approach to their work. They work in tandem with the government services (Anganwadi, ASHA, ANM), the family and their influencers (mothers, fathers, and other stakeholders), and community leaders to bring about behaviour change around nutrition and health leading to better maternal health and lowering malnutrition rates. Counselling the stakeholders, data collection and usage is central to their work.

At present they are implementing programmes in under resourced communities in Mumbai. Through the direct intervention programmes FMCH has empowered over 40,000 women to raise healthy children, improved birth weights to 2.7kgs, increased the breastfeeding rate (up to 70% increase in some of our interventions; 25 PP higher than the national average), prevented children from going into stunting, wasting and underweight and moved children who are malnourished to regain a state of better health. They have over 30 partners across India. The organisation’s extended reach as of today is over 500,000 people in Maharashtra. Here is a Youtube video that talks about their work and they post their updates on Facebook here.

Key technology needs:

  • A tool to support the front line worker, which would improve the quality of counselling, make it more objective and would work at scale
  • Ability to collect, track and analyse data from the field
  • Use data real-time to identify high risk cases, even in places with low internet and varied contexts
  • All of the above at a low cost

How we have helped

  • Created the NuTree App which is a Decision Tree App for community health workers to
    • Register beneficiaries
    • View visit history and record visit data including anthropometry
    • Go through questions to be asked for each visit based on standard protocols and record responses for the same
    • Send notifications to supervisors especially to highlight high risk cases
  • Currently working on conceptualizing and implementing dashboards based on the above data
  • When we first started developing the app, we envisioned it be a simple decision tree app, to go along with the current system we had been using – solving the problem of quality at scale. However, multiple meetings with the very patient Koita Foundation team led us to think deeply about how technology will connect to us to our vision – making it more than just an app for one function.

    Now the NuTree App solves the issue of quality of counselling for nutrition in the first 1000 days of a child’s life, is an accountability and part scheduling mechanism and can be easily used to disseminate resources to the mothers (videos, audios and other IEC material). It is almost like an all-in-one resource for any health worker in MCH. Using the app has led to the connection between us and the communities to strength more easily – in many ways.

    It’s been a great learning working with Koita Foundation. Rizwan and Rekha’s constant focus on the end user has made the app so intuitive that we rolled it out during the lockdown despite which, adoption has been easy. The software partner, Designscape, has thoughtfully designed the backend to be modular and to be taken to any context. We are excited about the possibilities this holds for more mothers – directly via FMCH operations and though partnerships.

    Ms. Shruthi Iyer