Magic Bus

Magic Bus

Magic Bus works with more than 3.75 lakh children and 10,000 young people living in poverty across 22 States of India to move them out of poverty. Founded over 20 years ago, Magic Bus uses a Childhood to Livelihood approach to help children and young people break out of the crushing cycle of poverty.

Magic Bus works with India's poorest communities and children using an award-winning activity-based curriculum culminating in a Livelihoods programme.

The Childhood to Livelihood approach enables children and young people move out of poverty by completing secondary education and getting a stable job. We equip young people with the skills and knowledge they need to grow up and move out of poverty.

Our youth-centered Livelihoods Programme connects the aspirations and potential of young people to available market opportunities. We build their employability skills and map job potential based on individual strengths and mobility.

Key business / technology needs:

  • As programs spread across 22 states, Magic Bus wanted to deploy a strong reporting and business analytics platform
  • Magic Bus wanted reports to be available across the organization in an automated manner to ensure consistent information is available at all levels in the organization
  • Given resource constraints, Magic Bus wanted to develop a platform which would be easy to deploy and maintain i.e., low total cost of ownership

How we have helped

  • Helped define and review overall key performance indicators (KPIs) and dashboards
  • Supported selection of right technology platform to provide flexibility and scalability
  • Enabled partnership with Microsoft PowerBI - including negotiate pricing / commercial terms
  • Funded build-out Microsoft BI-based reporting and business intelligence platform for pan-India tracking performance of over 17,000 volunteers, supporting over 350,000 children
  • At Magic Bus, Operations dashboards are powered using PowerBI. It effected a significant change in the way data is viewed and consumed within the organization. The newfound transparency and freedom in data availability and sharing is empowering users across levels in improving self and team performance. All this with zero dependence on IT or the need to be sitting in office.

    PowerBI dashboards are rapidly being adopted across the organization across levels. As an organization, we have “one version of truth” for all operational parameters.

    Reduction in MIS availability time enables apt and timely action by our delivery engine. This results in effective corrections, higher engagement levels across the delivery chain including the beneficiary and improved on ground performance. We envisage this translating into a win-win-win. Better results for us, better social ROI for our donors and higher impact for our beneficiaries.

    Mr. Nitin Aurora

    Chief Technology Officer