Masoom is a not-for-profit organization founded by Ms. Nikita Ketkar in 2008 with a passion for establishing quality education in night schools with a vision to support youth "learn while they earn". Masoom aims to establish Quality Education in Night Schools, through its Night School Transformation Program (NSTP). Night school students are mostly those who work during the day to support their families and have previously dropped out of school due to financial difficulties. However, their ambition for better job opportunities brings them back to school, even after a long day at work. However, the lack of infrastructure, poor supervision, high dropout rate and low quality of education are still major issues they battle with. Masoom has developed a 3-pronged intervention model consisting of interdependent focus areas for school transformation, namely: Education Infrastructure and Inputs, Capacity Building for all Stakeholders and Advocating Night School issues for policy level changes. Masoom’s Night School Transformation Program has been designed such that it can be easily replicated and implemented in other schools and states across India. It is the only comprehensive model in use in the history of Night Schools.

Masoom is presently working in 85 night schools of Mumbai. Masoom plans to reach out to 170 night schools by 2023 impacting 15,000 night school students in Maharashtra.

Masoom has seen a significant improvement in all key parameters such as enrollment, reduced dropouts, higher success in SSC exams and a larger number of students ultimately wanted to pursue careers with vocational training.

They have seen an increase in attendance from 34% to 57% and SSC pass percentage from 36% to 83%. Students securing first class have escalated from 5% in 2008 to 18%.

Till 2019-20, 1800 students are provided Short Term Vocational Courses on 15 different Courses and 101 students are provided with Long Term Courses through the Career Cell of Masoom. So far 532 students have been placed in various sectors.

Improving Key Outcomes of Night Schools

Improving Key Outcomes of Night Schools

In order to improve the outcomes of night schools it was important to address practical issues such as low enrollment, low attendance, less nutrition in a timely manner in order to take corrective action before the problem increases too much. The availability of accurate, live data on all these parameters became critical to be able to address these issues.

We worked with Masoom to put together a comprehensive system for end to end management of the schools and student performance.

This has greatly increased operational efficiencies and reduced paperwork at all levels. It has become easier to monitor programs and to take quick, data based decisions in a timely manner.

Key Business Problem

The current staff at Masoom was managing their processes manually. While there was a significant improvement in all indicators, lacks of systems led to insufficient availability of data and data integrity issues. This made it more difficult to monitor and manage programs. It also resulted in inefficiencies in managing processes such as distribution of material and nutrition.

Our Solution

Given resource constraints, Masoom was seeking a platform which would be easy for ground people and program heads to monitor real time school data such as attendance, enrollment, lectures conducted and take immediate actions to take operational decisions in a timely manner. They also wanted real-time data to identify high risk schools & take corrective actions. Of course all of this had to be achieved at a low cost.

We developed a comprehensive system (including a mobile application) for end-to-end management of schools and student performance. Masoom teachers (school leaders) enter live data such as attendance and student performance. School leaders also record details regarding nutrition program and material distribution. In addition, the system also provides them with drill down reports and analysis.

This has greatly increased operational efficiencies and reduced paperwork at all levels. It has become easier to monitor programs and to take quick, data based decisions in a timely manner.

  • As world is upgrading with technological advancements, it’s very important to bring contextual solutions on ground by leveraging technology to bring meaningful change. In Masoom’s journey of transforming Night schools, we realized the dire need of technology to solve on ground challenges on real time basis and decided to explore tech platforms to ease our work. With the Masoom-Drishti App provided by Koita foundation, we can track real time student’s attendance, enrollment and take corrective actions for critical schools. This has saved our lots of time to take program level decisions. This technological platform has made the entire process real time, paperless, timesaving and organized. We acknowledge and appreciate Koita Foundation’s support for the Masoom and thank them for making a difference in many lives.

    "Awesome inputs from Rekha & Rizwan to design Masoom app that monitors the Program, we are super excited about this and we look forward to improving the efficiency of our program with the app".

    Nikita Ketkar

    Founder and CEO Masoom