Vatsa Foundation

Vatsa Foundation

Vatsa Education Trust (VET) is a charitable organisation, founded by a group of committed teachers of a suburban college, the main objective of the trust initially was to provide financial assistance to deserving students of the same college. Coming from economically challenged families and being first generation learners, they were not able to get funds through any government schemes or Institutional aid. Being committed to make a difference in their lives, they found a source in Vatsa to further their ambitions and dreams.

In the year 2013, Fatima Bai Tajkhanji Scholarship Fund (FTS), with similar objective to reach children from Udaipur (the family hometown), joined hands with Vatsa and this helped Vatsa to expand its reach to other students. FTS gave an added impetus to this venture, in terms of both funds and outreach. Since then the trust has sponsored the education of over 300 students and continues to grow annually.

Business need:

  • VET had a very manual process for screening student applications and process them
  • In addition, it was difficult to track the scholastic progress of students over time and create a holistic record for each sponsored student
  • Accounting and reporting of funds was also manual, including supporting multi-country requirements

How we have helped

  • Koita Foundation helped develop a comprehensive web-based platform to support all stakeholders, significantly reducing the manual administrative effort of the VET team e.g., fund disbursement, expense records and multi-locational access
  • The Student module provides a simple interface for all students to update their application forms, and periodically submit their educational results
  • The Donor module enables accounting of donor contributions (customized for India and US) including generation of appropriate notifications and documents (invoices, tax certificates etc.)
  • The Trust has been funded by generous contributions from its founder members and their well-wishers. Besides a generous donation every year, the Koita Foundation have sponsored our technology solution including a comprehensive application software for our trust activities. As our trust scale grows, the administrative work also increases. The comprehensive online application takes care of end-to-end processes including filling of forms, attaching documentation fund disbursement, expense records and most important multi-locational access.

    This technology platform has made the entire process paperless, timesaving and organized. We solicit and appreciate deeply Koita Foundation’s ongoing help for the trust and thank it for making a difference in many a life.

    Ms. Sakina Kurawadwala

    VATSA EDUCATION TRUST, Founding Trustee