Koita Foundation – IIT Bombay Partnership Objective

The growth of Digital Health in India will need be driven by India’s (a) ability to innovate and develop high-quality and cost-effective Digital Health tools (b) ability to have strong Digital Health talent to scale adoption. The role of academic institutions become vital in helping achieve both these objectives.

Koita Foundation partnered with IIT Bombay to help establish the Koita Centre for Digital Health (KCDH-IITB) in 2021. Key focus areas of KCDH-IITB include:

  • Strong academic programs in Digital Health (undergraduate & postgraduate)
  • Research and development in Digital Health
  • Partnerships with hospitals and healthcare organizations
  • Executive education in Digital Health

As India's #1 ranked Engineering College, IIT Bombay is well positioned to be create a successful Digital Health program and can become a strong model of how other engineering colleges can develop their own Digital Health initiatives.

MOU between Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay and Koita Foundation.

June 2021


The Koita Centre for Digital Health – IIT Bombay (KCDH-IITB – www.kcdh.in) is India’s first organisation focused on driving academic programs, research, and industry collaborations in Digital Health

Digital Health Vision: To become a globally renowned centre in Digital Health and Health Informatics. The Centre will drive research, entrepreneurship, and employment in Digital Health to transform healthcare in India, partnering closely with clinical professionals and healthcare organizations

Academic Programs: KCDH offers world-class applied and interdisciplinary programs in Digital Health supporting undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD students and creates a cadre of professionals who can leverage these opportunities and contribute to the field.

R&D in Digital Health: KCDH is actively involved in Digital Health R&D along with clinical partners. KCDH has partnered with leading hospital systems, healthcare research, and academic organizations which have strong capabilities in different branches of medicine and healthcare.

To learn more about KCDH and its focus on digital health, please visit www.kcdh.in.

Koita Foundation Support

Koita Foundation is working closely with IIT Bombay and KCDH team on support the establishment and growth of KCDH. Key areas of collaboration include:

  • Creating KCDH-IITB Vision and define Key Focus areas
  • Establishing partnerships with leading hospitals and healthcare organizations
  • Developing corporate partnerships for student internships, placements and funding
  • Supporting overall organizational development efforts
  • Providing 5-year committed funding support