Koita Centre for Digital Health - MUHS

Koita Foundation – Maharashtra University of Health Science Partnership Objective

Digital Health is becoming more and more important in the Indian healthcare ecosystem with national initiatives like ABDM gaining momentum. However, the successful adoption of Digital Health in India requires extensive awareness and training of healthcare professionals – doctors, front-line healthcare workers and medical students.

Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS) and Koita Foundation have signed an MoU in April 2023 to enhance the overall healthcare education and research initiatives at MUHS and align them with emerging Digital Health opportunities. MUHS initiatives have the potential for large impact, as MUHS covers 450+ medical colleges and 50,000+ medical students across Maharashtra.

As a first step, Koita Foundation and MUHS are jointly developing the Digital Health Foundation Course (DHFC) & Digital Health Lab (DHL) to empower medical students and healthcare professionals to build core understanding of Digital Health. DHFC is designed to be an e-learning program and also provides access to real-world Digital Health tools for a practical hands on experience. Similarly, DHL is designed to provide medical students with real-world experience of using common Digital Health tools – HMIS, EMR, telemedicine etc.

In addition to DHFC & DHL, KF will support MUHS in other Digital Health initiatives including:

  • Digital Health research (e.g., epidemiology, predictive modelling, infectious disease surveillance)
  • Digital Health Lab / Data collaborative (e.g., in partnership with MUHS, affiliated hospitals)

Digital Health Foundation Course (DHFC)

Digital Health Foundation Course (DHFC) provides a comprehensive background of digital health and its transformative impact on healthcare delivery. This course provides a solid understanding of fundamental concepts, technologies, and applications of digital health to medical students. DHFC includes:

  • Overview of Digital Health
  • Key Digital Health tools and technologies
  • Healthcare data standards, security and privacy
  • Healthcare data interoperability including Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) initiative
  • Advances in Digital Health including AI/ML, GenAI, Virtual Reality
  • Practical approach for doctors and hospitals to start their Digital Health journey

Click here to access DHFC resources

Digital Health Lab (DHL)

DHFC is supported by Digital Health Lab with real-world Digital Health applications incling EMR, HMIS, Lab, Pharmacy, Imaging & telemedicine. DHL enables medical students to get access to level clinical applications and get hands-on excercises on how to use and take advantage of these healthcare applications. It also demystifies digital health and enables students to truly appreciate the easy and value addition of using Digital Health tools. MUHS and KF is working with leading organisations including CDAC-Noida (e-Sushrut), Thoughtworks (Bahmni), 10BedICU and Intelehealth for this initiative.

Click here to view DHL resources