Koita Centre for Digital Health – Ashoka University (KCDH-A)

Koita Foundation – Ashoka University Partnership Objective

Ensuring a robust and skilled Digital Health workforce and fostering innovation are essential to establish a thriving Digital Health ecosystem in India. Leading academic institutions have the opportunity to be at the forefront of the Digital Health evolution, and support India’s journey towards a digitally empowered healthcare landscape.

Koita Foundation has partnered with Ashoka University (www.ashoka.edu.in) to establish the Koita Centre for Digital Health – Ashoka University (KCDH-A)
in 2023.

KCDH-A has a multidisciplinary approach to:

  • Offer strong academic programs in Digital Health & informatics
  • Drive research to develop next generation of Digital Health tools & solutions
  • Create strong executive education in Digital Health

As one of India’s most innovative centers for higher education, Ashoka University is well positioned to create world-class, multi-disciplinary Digital Health programs. KCDH-A is be a joint centre of the Trivedi School of Biosciences and the Department of Computer Science at Ashoka University.

About KCDH-A

The Koita Centre for Digital Health – Ashoka University (KCDH-A) aspires to be one of India’s leading educational centers focusing on Digital Health. To achieve its vision and drive leadership in Digital Health, KCDH-A focuses on the following dimensions:

  • Pioneering cutting edge research in critical areas of Digital Health through academic programs for Undergraduates, PhDs and working professionals (executive education)
  • Developing world-class curriculum in Digital Health – to equip students from across disciplines with knowledge, awareness, and skills in Digital Health
  • Forming hospital partnerships with private and public healthcare organizations e.g., for data sharing, joint research etc.
  • Developing global university partnerships e.g., for joint academic and research programs and student exchange
  • Collaborating with global digital health experts e.g., to conduct courses, support research, etc.
  • Fostering a culture of research and innovation to accelerate Digital Health adoption in India

To learn more about KCDH-A, please visit the website - click here

Koita Foundation Support

Koita Foundation collaborates with Ashoka University and KCDH-A in the following areas:

  • Work with Ashoka University to define the overall strategy and focus areas for KCDH-A
  • Connect with hospitals and government organisations for joint research, data-sharing etc.
  • Enable corporate partnership – for internships, placement of students, CSR funding, executive programs
  • Support KCDH-A in faculty hiring – including full-time, visiting and adjunct faculty
  • Work with Ashoka University for expansion and long-term sustainability
  • Provide committed funding for core KCDH-A operations