I-Saksham (www.i-saksham.org) develops local young women in Bihar as 'Leaders of Change' through education (edu-leaders) to promote the vision of 'Voice and Choice for Every Woman' in their communities.

The women leaders participate in a comprehensive two-year leadership development program, followed by ongoing alumni engagement, where they achieve several key milestones. First, they gain self-belief in the significance of their identity and develop the confidence to nurture their aspirations. They then demonstrate leadership by impacting girls in government schools and their communities through initiatives that enhance educational inclusion, deliver life skills, and counsel parents. As part of a peer-driven cluster, they find a safe space to discuss and address personal and community challenges. Additionally, they establish connections with various stakeholders, including academia, government, and civil society organizations, to pursue their chosen life paths, ultimately becoming role models. Finally, they gain acceptance from their families and communities, thereby reshaping the perception of women's roles.

i-Saksham currently has a network of 600+ leaders in 5 districts of Bihar - Begusarai, Gaya, Jamui, Munger, Muzaffarpur. A recent third-party impact assessment shows that these young women leaders have had a massive multiplier effect on gender, equity, and education in their communities.

Program Reach

  • Districts: 5
  • Gram Panchayats: 50
  • Government Schools: 158


  • Edu Leaders: 600
  • Parents Reached: 10,000
  • Children Reached: 12,000

Koita Foundations engagement with iSaksham


Koita Foundation has collaborated with i-Saksham to revolutionize the edu-leader selection process using Eduvantage's Assessment Platform. The assessments are now conducted on mobile phones and tablets, significantly reducing the lead time for onboarding candidates and allowing those from remote villages to participate in the selection process within their communities. This innovative approach has also improved the productivity of field workers. Since the system's initiation, over 1,800 candidates have participated in the assessment process in less than three months, highlighting the efficiency and effectiveness of this mobile assessment system in identifying and nurturing future leaders.