Leadership For Equity

Leadership For Equity (www.leadershipforequity.org) is a non-profit organization (NGO) that works towards strengthening the Public education system in India to equip all our children for the Future. We have a 3-pronged approach towards ensuring that Government School Students are ready for the future. We work within the educational departments of local governments as technical partners to strengthen teacher education, empower academic leadership, and enhance educational governance. In partnership with the local and state education bodies, we co-create programs, co-draft policies, co-implement solutions and co-research the impact of the programs.

Our interventions shift teaching-learning practices and improve student learning and well-being. This work is coupled with our research and advisory support to influence policies, we aspire to be a catalyst in forming effective government education systems.

From exploring systems in 2015 by building teacher mentors in Pune to now co-implementing programs in 5 States, 12 Districts & 2 Cities, we have built a model that scales future-readiness.

Our work with Govts. will incorporate Future Readiness within the Public Education System by building Foundational Learning, 21st Century Skills, Life Skills and Digital Skills in our Students. This will lead to holistic growth in Student learning and reflect in their improved employability as adults, providing an opportunity for upward social mobility. An equitable future is a bright future.

So far, we've -

  • Impacted 8800+ System Leaders through 42 Co-Drafted Policies and 56 Co-Created Programs. Over the last 3 years, we saw 13.86% average learning growth of System Leaders.
  • Influenced 2.2 Lac+ Teachers through System Leaders and 122 learning days that were found useful by 95% of teachers.
  • Reached 8.8 Million+ Students through these initiatives. Our Third-Party Assessment with IDCG reveals that in our FLN project in Maharashtra, Students from Grades 1, 3, and 5 have grown by 10.67% in Literacy and 19.33% in Numeracy.

Koita Foundations engagement with Leadership for Equity

Leadership for Equity

Koita Foundation is collaborating with Leadership for Equity to enhance the user experience and interface of the TEACH application on the AVNI platform. Developed by The World Bank, TEACH is a comprehensive classroom observation tool focusing on culture, instruction, and social-emotional skills, with 9 elements and 28 behaviors scored on an L-M-H scale. The TEACH App is efficiently collecting and managing classroom observation data, serving as both a tool and daily guide to simplify operations and provide insights to SCERT/DIETs/BRPs for teacher support and training. Currently operational in Andhra Pradesh, the app involves 6500+ observers covering 38,500+ teachers with over 50,000 observations. Expansion to Maharashtra this year aims to reach 13,000+ observers, 2 lakh+ teachers, and impact 40 lakh+ students.