Madhi Foundation

Madhi Foundation ( is a non-profit organization based in Chennai, dedicated to reimagining the public-school systems and addressing educational inequity in India, particularly in Tamil Nadu. Established in 2016, Madhi has significantly expanded its reach from 3 schools in 2016 to 37,000 schools across the state of Tamil Nadu by 2021.

Madhi recognizes that the foundational learning crisis is complex and adopts a systemic approach for effecting transformational change. Their solutions address both the supply and demand sides of quality education. On the supply side, Madhi collaborates with government mechanisms to create holistic solutions, focusing on personalized training programs, improving teaching-learning materials, and implementing sophisticated monitoring systems. On the demand side, Madhi aims to galvanize parents and caregivers through awareness-building, strengthening agencies, and encouraging advocacy for their children’s right to quality education.

Madhi’s approach to education reform is holistic and comprehensive, with a focus on placing the last-mile child at the center of all program design decisions. Madhi has primarily focused on improving Foundational Learning in Tamil Nadu, leading to its appointment as the Chief Management Partner for Tamil Nadu’s official Foundational Learning Mission - a mission of national and regional importance.

  • Students reached: 27,00,000.
  • Teachers reached: 1,00,000.
  • Conducted training for 55,921 teachers.
  • Distributed ~37,000 Ennum Ezhuthum Kits to government schools in Tamil Nadu in phases.
  • Deployed 175 Tamil Nadu Education Fellows across 38 districts in Tamil Nadu.
  • Onboarded 60,000 teachers on the Telegram app.
  • Rolled out the Palli Parvai Application to 38 districts across the state.