RightWalk Foundation

RightWalk Foundation (www.rightwalk.org) addresses the pressing challenge of youth unemployment in India by devising a four-stage strategy for effective policy adoption in several states of India.

RightWalk Foundation drives awareness and adoption by launching consultation and awareness drives with companies, including MSMEs and large industries, as well as employable students through Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) and employment exchanges. The foundation assists the government in institutionalizing technology-enabled processes and governance systems by setting up a UP apprenticeship helpline for industries, building capacity, and handholding 'Apprenticeship cells' in ITIs. They develop an 'Apprentice Management System' to standardize the engagement process, training curriculum, and exit plan.

Right Walk Foundation supported government in district-wise mapping of demand and supply of relevant skills/trades to enable candidates to make informed choices during course selection. Several Roundtables with industry representatives were conducted to ensure effective adoption of the scheme and assist in tackling challenges and easing compliance. They also worked closely with the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship to refine the Apprenticeship portal, thereby benefitting the whole country.

A feedback mechanism is suggested for ITIs where companies can provide critical evaluations of candidates. They aim to increase apprenticeship seats in state government departments by reforming existing recruitment rules and suggest provisions for granting special benefits to companies engaging with women and differently abled apprentices.

Within three years, over 80,000 young people from Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Kerala were enabled to get recruited as apprentices in over 8000 establishments. What is more, 3,200 school drop-outs have also been brought into the labour market via apprenticeships. Immense efforts were required to reach those who can benefit from apprenticeship the most, leading to an upsurge in women participation from 4 per cent to 15 per cent in an otherwise male dominated territory of mechanical trades.

RightWalk Foundation

Koita Foundations engagement with RightWalk Foundation

RightWalk Foundation

Koita Foundation is collaborating with RightWalk Foundation to streamline "The Apprenticeship Project" across five states, optimizing processes from student enrolment to career progression tracking. Our platform is facilitating efficient data entry, batch management, and streamlined assessments via WhatsApp Chatbot for trainers and mobilizers. It is supporting curriculum management, providing resources and career guidance, and automating certificate generation. The portal includes robust tracking and reporting capabilities to ensure program effectiveness through analytics and user feedback collection, empowering continuous improvement.