Srijan Ek Soch

Srijan is a non-profit organisation established in 2004, engaged in the educational, social, financial and intellectual empowerment of the underprivileged living in rural parts of Uttar Pradesh and Assam. ‘Srijan ka Sankalp’ is program run by young and talented volunteers, specially designed to unlock the hidden potential of children and create a self-sustaining society. Srijan aims to complete the circle of life by providing quality education through technological advancements, build healthy and aware communities and finally provide employment opportunities to the youth.

Srijan has 50+ Project associates in 4 States working with around 5,000+ Kids and 20+ Villages. Srijan reaches 30,000+ beneficiaries every year through different programs.

Improving key outcomes of the schools in rural areas.

Key Business Problem

Currently all the processes at Srijan were managed manually - including attendance, performance tracking and communication with parents. Lack of systems led to lack of availability of data and data integrity issues making evidence collection and scaling difficult.

Our Solution

Srijan is majorly run by volunteers and they were seeking a platform to monitor their program outcomes more clearly and gather evidence for the work done on ground. They wanted an app for their on ground staff to enter real time data to make monitoring of their programs easy.

Koita Foundation worked with Srijan to develop Srijan Eduops - a mobile application for project associates. Project associates enters live data such as attendance and student performance in the app. It also enables teachers to share this information with parents on WhatsApp - creating an integrated experience. The admin panel provides a comprehensive view of all schools to the senior leadership team at Srijan.

Srijan EduOps has enabled the team to monitor their programs and on ground activities more effectively.

Our flagship program Saksham Bharat provides quality education through digital inclusion to children from grades one to eight. In addition, we work in local municipal schools and run Mohalla classes for children who can't afford proper schooling. As a result, it becomes imperative to have verified data that shows class attendance, execution of the curriculum, grades earned and students' academic performance.

We connected with Ms Rekha Koita, through our connections and shared about Srijan's work in the education space. Upon knowing our need for data collection, both Ms Rekha and Mr Rizwan took a personal interest in curating a back-end solution to cover the school data accurately. I am grateful for the patience and precision of their team in introducing "Eduops- an accurate data monitoring app" to Srijan.

With the ease of operating, our ground staff can easily use the app and feed the required data for accurate impact analysis. Eduops is a perfect solution for our data reporting and monitoring curriculum execution, thereby helping us bridge the gap between the delivery of content and student performance.

Disha Shrivastava

CEO, Srijan Ek Soch