VOPA (www.vopa.in) believes that sustainable social change can be achieved by either agitating, educating, igniting, organizing and uplifting communities.

VOPA focuses on school education and recognizing the persistent challenges in providing quality education to all children in India. The organization aims to bridge the gap by providing meaningful and joyful learning experiences, particularly to students from rural and disadvantaged backgrounds. Their flagship product, the V-School online learning App, has been instrumental in providing education to numerous children across Maharashtra, many of whom come from socio-economically marginalized families.

VOPA's approach is central to collaboration with the government. The organization believes in leveraging public-private partnerships to address social challenges at scale. Through official MOUs with education departments in eight districts in Maharashtra, VOPA has trained over 2500 government school teachers in digital content creation. These teachers contribute regularly to educational resources available on the V-School app, creating a model for public-private partnership in enhancing the school education landscape.

  • 100,000 students actively use the V-School education App at home every month.
  • 50,000 teachers across Maharashtra have used V-School to support classroom teaching.
  • 8 districts in Maharashtra.

Koita Foundations engagement with Vowels of the People Association


Koita Foundation is partnering with Vowels of the People Association (VOPA) to enhance their V-School app, which offers free online education across various subjects and levels. VOPA aims to democratize access to quality education through interactive courses, supporting self-paced learning with videos, quizzes, and downloadable materials for flexible study. Koita Foundation is collaborating with VOPA to enhance student and parent engagement through gamification, improve learning levels, and foster better study habits in students. Additionally, Koita Foundation is supporting VOPA in expanding their content and reach across districts in Maharashtra, ensuring equitable educational opportunities for all students.