Rekha Koita was invited by Dasra for facilitating a workshop on Digital Enablement as a part of Dasra Philanthropy Week. The objective of the session was to engage the NGO leaders to discuss the need for technology and explore ways to integrate it into current programs to scale and enhance impact. The interactive nature of the workshop enabled peer-sharing and cross-learning among NGOs.

Koita Foundation is grateful to Shruthi Iyer, CEO of the Foundation for Mother and Child Health (FMCH) for sharing her journey and learnings on digital enablement at FMCH. And to Vigyan Foundation for presenting their current challenges leading to discussion on roadmap to technology integration.

Key Learnings

  • Identifying the right problem statement by prioritizing the focus area and targeting the well established programs.
  • Approaching technology as a strategic tool to drive efficiency, impact, and scale in a non-linear way
  • Ensuring the involvement of senior leadership to manage and strengthen the process from the get-go
  • Identifying right software and vendors.
  • Ensuring participation from all stakeholders in the design process to ensure higher adoption of the solution
  • Utilizing the available low-cost resources to solve the problem, building a customized technological intervention only if the former approach doesn’t work

Participant Reviews

"The workshop on digital enablement highlighted the initial process of using a technological solution which was very relevant, and the real-time case study gave us a very good example of the on-ground challenges faced"

-Ramakrishnan Subramanian, Bhumi

"The session on digital enablement explained the importance of including perspectives of beneficiaries and frontline workers to use information technology and then focusing on potential scaling"

- Amrita De, Anubhuti Charitable trust